Migrating and merging two distinct sets of servers into one infrastructure was pretty neat. Luckily, the only “hard” part was mostly tedious, and that was merging two mail servers. Everything is now way more performant and costs me bundles less.

The server project I estimated to take five hours (what the fuck was I thinking, past me?). It ended up taking about 24 hours – three full-time days. Despite my gross underestimation, the fact that I learned a lot really makes me feel like I came out of it winning.

I feel much better now that they’re all on a more sane setup. And I can finally get back to my other projects!

Something I have been tinkering with is my own scrobbling system, since Last.fm is proprietary and Libre.fm is incredibly obtuse and stagnant. I have been designing this while in-between coding on my bot rewrite. Which, jumping tracks real quick, my rewrite is a fevered mess and badly needs refactoring. It has been a case of over-engineering everything. But it works, and that’s all that matters at this point.

The reason I’ve been thinking heavily about both of these, is that I am due to start streaming again, and my bot is a humongous part of my shenanigans. And the scrobbling will enable me to easily log what is playing, so that people can ask the bot and/or I can display it on-screen. I already do this through grab-song, which I worked on for a while with aFoxNamedMorris.

Turns out that in my pile of code from the past, I have a framework for a scrobbler. I just need to make it fault-tolerant. I apparently made it so I can scrobble through my own API or have it piggyback on existing lastfm plugins, via modifying my /etc/hosts file… which is pretty standard procedure, as far as I know.

At least some of the ideas that past-me had weren’t entirely bad.