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It seems I forgot to add an RSS feed, so that is now present. You can find it on the front page or by selecting this. As you can also see, I aded some colour to the site. I spent far too long figuring out colours, since I’m really bad with them. The colours I settled on were from (json file on github).

I don’t even know where my day has gone. I think I’ve had three mugs of cofe, which is way more than I usually have. Been sorta zooming around at the speed of sound, fiddling with my bits. After applying a patch to libsdl2 and rejoicing at how simple it is, I realised I should probably put my portage directory under version control (again). I really miss having my own self-hosted git depository for my repositories, but sourcehut has been doing pretty wonderfully for me. It is the first “code forge” that I have used that I haven’t been grumpy at: usually I am annoyed by all the bullshit when I just wanna put my code somewhere.

Anyway, my dotfiles, portage configs, and and other stuff are over on my sourcehug sourcehut profile. As of this writing, I’m looking at my dwarf fortress mod and weeping inside, for I spent 20 hours on it and forgot to commit + push, and lost it all.

Still hacking away on gemini support for’s bashblog fork, and at this point I think I might be feeling regret, or something similar, ‘cause I have come to really enjoy hugo again. After I’m done patching in gemini support in bashblog, I think I’ll take a stab at writing a publisher for hugo to gemini.

Oh yeah, I also added a semlbance of an about page.

Things I need to do very soon:

[Edit] Fixed the RSS feed.

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