Inspirational Thingies


This turned out to be far more stream-of-thought than I had intentioned. But, here it is anyway.

For a few weeks, I was away from fedi1, convinced that I was done entirely. Of course, when my brain got into a more balanced space, I re-joined. Because of course I did: how could I not? There are a huge variety of people / accounts on there which are super inspiring to me2 Besides, it beats the shit out of other social networks that I use (looking at you, Reddit and Twitter).

If you are someone who has seen me on fedi, you likely know that in the last yea I hopped round a lot. A lot. I couldn’t seem to sit still - as soon as I found a comfy spot, I got up and moved. This, I found out recently, is due to my fear of things going okay. Having stuff happen to you to the point where you’re afraid of success and things feeling good / okay, is really, really trippy. Pretty awful, even. I hope you don’t have to deal with it.

Well, after figuring this out, I have become quite comfy on my latest instance on, where I plan sticking around for a long while. I’ve got several of my services on that domain now, and am even providing a subdomain to one of my dearest, most lovely, mechanical, masked ladies. She is one of the people who inspires me greatly!

There is something fantastic about seeing a list of quotes that someone finds value in, be it comedy, relatableness, or what-have-you. One of my fedi-acquaintances has a .plan3 file that I spent part of yesterday reading on and off. It reminded me of some things, and exposed me to some other amusing bits of information. It tickled me enough that I missed having my own .plan file. So, I shamelessly used the one has, to seed mine. You can see his on his website, and you can find the start of mine here, on mine.

I have been also watching some streamers who program, and that has also been a wonderful thing. Programming and hanging out while they also work has definitely improved my spirits and productivity.

Turns out, I really miss programming with people, or even just hanging out together while doing indedpendent things. There was a time in my life when I lived in a commune where we often had simulatenous projects going on in the common area – very much like an open workspace, only far more relaxed. I miss that, and now kind of wanna start a weekly voice/video session or something, using mumble or jitsi or something.

Non-exhaustive list of stuff that has been inspiring to me lately, in no particular alphabetical order:

  1. ‘Fedi’ is shorthand for “the fediverse”, a decentralised social network that I am very, very fond of. See: for more information. ↩︎

  2. Most of them probably don’t even know how inspiring they are! ↩︎

  3. If we shared a server, I have probably fingered you. ↩︎