Trolled by Massenstein while streaming

Yesterday I did a relatively short stream, since I wanted to play some Nova Drift. I did not know when Massenstein would be coming back home from their shenanigans, so I decided to get some fun in. Turns out, I didn’t realise they came in behind me – usually they are not sneaky, but this time they must have rolled a 20 on Stealth.

Fixing PulseAudio static

Sometimes PulseAudio likes to freak out for no apparent reason. Whether it’s static in an application (like Discord) or just general static, the below is what I have done to fix it nearly every time.

Stream-of-thought rambling

Migrating and merging two distinct sets of servers into one infrastructure was pretty neat. Luckily, the only “hard” part was mostly tedious, and that was merging two mail servers. Everything is now way more performant and costs me bundles less.

That time I stole a friend's job

For the last few days I’ve been doing almost non-stop programming, which has been freaking fantastic. I have missed doing this. My rewrite of MrSassBot, my multi-purpose sassing machine, is going much more quickly, since collaborating with a friend.

Setting up Samba on Solus

Solus comes with Samba installed by default, as I am sure some other distributions do too. Last time I dealt with Samba, I wanted to gouge my eyes out, it was so complicatedly awful. This time, however, it was extremely simple by comparison.